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✧ Welcome back to me! Summer is here and as I reached another thousand, and School will starts on June I decided to have another give away. I never use them on the last school term T_T These are bought by me. I’m the one who will provide the shipping fee! *money burns again T_T * So that’s it! ✧ 2nd Solo Give Away~


Only 1 Lucky Winner will be pick  using because I can’t take more shipping! It’s to expensive! lol I will ship internationally! Therefore, you should  give me your full address/location. I’ll msg the winner so always enable your AskBox.


  • (1) Rilakkuma Ear buds
  • (1) Rilakkuma Sticker Collection
  • (1) Hello Kitty Eraser
  • (2) Bunny Blue Ball Pen
  • (5) Kawaii Pattern Envelope
  • (1) 2014 Hello Coco Diary [New]


  • Must be following kawaii-stuffs-kawaii  (this is only for my followers! unfollow after? that’s bad! I have a tracker :P )
  • REBLOG [more reblog = more entry]
  • Starts on the day posted & Ends on June 12, 2014, 8:00pm GMT+8
  • No give away blogs.

Too long. See more details of the prizes and shipping here.

Thank you guys for not leaving me~ love ya.


★ 8th MatchWigs weekly giveaway ! ★

hey guys, i’ll now be hosting a weekly giveaway for a $30 voucher from MatchWigs! it’s a super lovely, online store that sells high- quality wigs. what i mean by a weekly giveaway is that you’ll literally have the chance to win a free wig every week. since this is a weekly giveaway, though, the deadline ends in seven days ( or april 21st ! ) and a winner will be chosen by random.

★ rules:

  • reblog as much as you like but know that only one is counted !
  • must be following ( princifer) and ( matchwigs ) ! this giveaway is for my followers !
  • no giveaway blogs, please.
  • and likes do not count !
  • international shipping !
  • and if you’re under eighteen, please get parental consent to enter.

★ prizes:

  • a $30 voucher at
  • an additional $5 to anyone who adds their banner to their blog front ! ( details here )

★ starts: april 14th ★

★ ends: april 21st ★

Zelda through the years (1986-2014) - with caption

I did Link a six months ago (I’d like to include Hyrule Warriors’ Link, he’s so damn fine) and after seeing the Zelda’s look of the new SSB, was more than deserved to do a post for her. Not including the Zeldas of The Adventure of Link, Four Swords Adventures, Phantom Hourglass and Super Smash Bros. Melee because I didn’t found png pic and I make shitty transparent pictures.


[[Their hair colors were inspired by the galaxxxy figures!! - ellie]]


[[Their hair colors were inspired by the galaxxxy figures!! - ellie]]

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Untitled ☆ Gurren Lagann | 梅澤美智子 [pixiv] 


Untitled ☆ Gurren Lagann | 梅澤美智子 [pixiv] 


a group of 8 kids just left mcdonalds and one left their super mario happy meal toy so I went over and took it and 20 seconds later they all come back in with their mum looking for the toy. And I’m sat here with it hid under my shirt and everyone around me knows I’ve got it but it’s too late to go back now I waited too long to say I had it oh god kill me I’m sweating this is so tense